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Frequently Asked Questions


Please feel free to get in touch regarding any questions you may have. Or maybe, you can already find the answer below!

 01  Why 1 to 1 coaching programmes?

Intercultural coaching is still quite a new domain. It was first advanced by coaches in the 90s-2000s. Since then research that has been done in this field suggests that it helps tremendously and goes far beyond what can be reached with less individual/more generalised approaches such as intercultural trainings, seminars, reading materials. I believe that trainings are an amazing investment, when it comes to intercultural skills: But adding coaching on top makes sure that you can find your individual style to put everything you have learned in action!

And when you've already learned so much and are still stuck? Well, then it is most certainly time for some 1 to 1 coaching, which will help you assess exactly where you are stuck, where you want to go and how to do it!




 02  How are the programmes delivered?

Depending on where on the globe you (or your staff) are located, they will be face to face or online sessions. I have made excellent experiences with both and am an experienced online-coach. They usually take 1-1,5 hours and are held for 12 weeks on a weekly basis.



 03  What bonuses do the programmes entail?

All of my programmes include amazing and unique bonuses, such as my tested and proved “Let’s revisit!” worksheet: helping you to use each session to the fullest and apply what we have discussed.

I believe in the strength of structure and visual support: Therefore, I am proud to offer my clients 3 bonus reports during their coaching journey with me:“Kickstart-report”, mid-evaluation “On my way – report” and final evaluation “The Eagle has landed- report”.

Learn more about the bonus material in each of my programmes




 04  More questions?

Feel free to contact me: I will be happy to answer any queries!


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