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Get to know your coach!


Getting support to design your organisation's international employee strategy as well as pursuing deep and meaningful personal and professional growth through coaching or training requires trust: Let me introduce myself, so that you can see if we are a good fit.

Eva Tarabichi

Consultant, trainer and coach for international employers, professionals, teams, expats, expat spouses and global nomads.


I deliver out-of-the-box, global minded, multilingual and multicultural thinking. I deeply care about my clients and love helping you to be the best version of yourself WHEREVER in the world you may be.

You can choose to access any of my services in English, French or German.

Expat experience


I chose to specialise in intercultural and expat training and coaching because I have been an expat for half of my life: as a school child, university student, professional in multinationals, expat spouse, expat mother and entrepreneur.


I have a big passion for this lifestyle and understand its vast opportunities but also the multitude of challenges expats and international staff as well as their employers may face.

International work and education background


I hold university degrees in Sinology (Mandarin and Modern China Studies) as well as EU politics and administration, form the prestigious College of Europe. During my studies I already specialised in intercultural communication.


Before becoming a trainer and coach, I have worked in international law firms and business associations in the sector of EU political interest representation.


This background gives me a thorough understanding of the experiences my clients make in their everyday work life, as well as the theoretical background to address intercultural situations effectively.


I love training or coaching clients who are working on international projects or multinational teams: deepening their intercultural skills and witnessing how this makes them more productive, happier and better engaged with their teams!

Modern Office
Quality orientation


In coaching, quality is everything. I am a certified coach, holding the "IHK business coach certification" and continously invest in continued learning to make sure that my contents are always state of the art.

Before becoming an IHK certified coach, I graduated from two professional coaching courses that are ACSTH-qualified by the International Coach Federation (ICF): "Les 12 competences du Coach" and "le coach practicien", taught by the Leading and Coaching Academy in Brussels, Belgium - an ICF accredited institution. I held the ICF ACC certification for three years and decided to switch to the IHK certification as I transitioned my business more and more to German corporate clients.

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