One to one coaching

I am passionate about working with international professionals that want to set ambitious goals and have professional support in reaching them. Coaching is a great tool for this, as it focuses on finding tailor-made solutions for you: applicable and manageable in your situation – no one size fits all!


While international placements and team work can be a challenge, I believe that with the right tools they can become an immense opportunity for personal and professional growth.



Invest in your intercultural performance, leadership skills, team work skills, as well as agenda setting and goal reaching or networking and interview skills in an international setting. 


I am passionate about supporting  international professionals, who are either working abroad as expats or working in international teams and projects from their home countries.

As my client you set the agenda: Together we will then steer you to your success!



This programme is for going-to-be expats and global nomads on the move to their new placement.


I support you in taking the right decisions and preparatory steps to actively shape a successful and fast transition and adaptation for you (and your partner or family). So that you can feel confident about your choice and know which steps you have to take to make it an amazing adventure.


Stressful transitions and failed placements can be avoided: Let’s get active and work out your individual strategy



As an expat family or spouse you are faced with a very distinct set of challenges:

Accompanying children through transitions, managing everything that comes with frequent moves - from ever changing personal relations and support systems to a thousand different practicalities-, or "simply" maintaining your own identity apart from being the manager of your household.

I love working on both, supporting expat spouses to be even more confident at supporting their families through transitions, as well as helping to relaunch careers abroad and creating a new role for themselves after a career break due to the move abroad.

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