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One to one coaching

I am passionate about working with international professionals that want to set ambitious goals and have professional support in reaching them. I also love helping expat professionals be efficient in their integration process and outgrow themselves in the special challenges that they face. Coaching is a great tool for this, as it focuses on finding tailor-made solutions for you: applicable and manageable in your situation – no one size fits all!


While international placements and team work can be a challenge, I believe that with the right tools they can become an immense opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Moving along a professional expat as a partner or family has its very own opportunities but also challenges: Having to give up or redirect an entire career; Adjusting to the new environment and culture; Suddenly managing the entire family-life because the partner needs to focus on the new job, and doing it all without the usual support network (family, close friends, "knowing your way around medical systems, institutions and bureacuracy"...)? Frankly: that is a lot! Expat spouses and family-managers deserve some extra support so that they can procatively design their new role and life - creating a desirable and happy situation for themselves as well as for the partner that initiated the move.



What is it that keeps you from thriving in the way that you had originally inteded? If the answer to this question is vague: let's find out together: it's part of what I am there for.


I can help you invest in your intercultural performance, leadership skills, team work skills, as well as agenda setting and goal reaching or networking and interview skills in an international setting. 


I am passionate about supporting  international professionals, who are either working abroad as expats or working in international teams and projects from their home countries.

As my client you set the agenda, while I guide you through an action-focused, no-bs, professional thought- and goal-setting-process: Together we will then co-create your individual development goals and go from one milestone to the next on your way to reaching these goals!

I do not only bring my ICF coach training to the table but have worked in international law firms and assiociations in my first career, in multiple countries and roles. This helps me to truly understand what my clients are facing and where they have true and deep development potential.



As an expat spouse you may be facing all or some of the following challenges:

Letting go of your last job or redirecting and adapting your career; accompanying children through this major transition; managing the plethora of organisation, logistics and contracts that come with frequent moves; being left without a proper support system and with reduced knowledge on "how things work and get done here"; having to rebuild your own identity and adapt your goals to the new environment; adjusting to a whole new culture/language and communication style/ way to build relationships.... The list goes on!

I love working on both: supporting expat spouses to be even more confident at supporting themselves and their families through transitions, as well as helping to relaunch careers abroad and creating a new role for themselves after a career break or adaptation due to the move abroad.

While I have been an expat professional who made my husband be the accompanying spouse, I have also experienced the opposite situation, and have been an accompanying spouse myself: I know how isolated and lost it can feel at times - I also know how to get back on track and turn this "side-role" into an amazing and life-changing proactive opportunity to listen-in, outgrow yourself and decide on the life you really want! Does this resonate? Drop me a line and we'll set up a call! No commitment - just more information and definitely a lot of understanding and empathy!

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