Trainings and workshops


As an intercultural trainer, I love animating workshops for teams as well as groups of individuals: they are a great way to increase performance of individuals and teams, foster team coherence and engagement and to quickly get bigger groups of people up to speed on intercultural skills and theory as well as coaching concepts they can then apply in their life and work.

My workshops are always interactive, thought provoking and full of concrete examples. I like to make my participants "work", so that they have the biggest learning effect possible.

Below is a list of workshops I have previously held. I am more than happy to create a bespoke one for your company's or group's needs.



- Supporting your expat employees: The why and how of extra support!

- How to become a kick-ass team leader of international teams: Why your team members’ cultural background is important and how to act upon it.

- Intercultural growth within the team: increasing team performance and excelling on the global stage.

- Advancing your international career: rethinking your CV, cover letter and linkedin profile for maximum impact. Upping your networking and interview skills.

I offer training courses of a few hours length up to two-day premium intercultural trainings. Don't hesitate to ask for more info!



- International move or not? Taking the best decision for you and your family.


-Assessing where you stand culturally and taking action to be the best version of yourself WHEREVER in the world you are: why and how?


-The art of setting goals that actively steer your international career and personal development and take your expat assignment to another level.


- Making your partner’s expat assignment your own dream-come-true: Defining and carrying out a project that advances your career aborad!