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Trainings and workshops


Trainings and workshops are a great way to get your staff on the same page! Ideally, they are a part of your bigger strategy, wheater it is onboarding of international staff, your organisation's diversity and inclusion goals or your international outreach enhancement.

My workshops are always interactive, thought-provoking and full of concrete examples. I like to make my participants "work", so that they have the biggest learning effect possible. They leave the training with concrete tools they can apply, topics to share at lunch and an expanded perspective on how they can contribute to a better functioning of your organisation's individual international goals.

Below is a list of workshops I have previously held. I am more than happy to create a bespoke one for your organsiation's needs.

expat spousal cochig workshop
Expat Spousal Coaching workshop
mum workshop pic 3.jpg
Intercultural skills training


- Onboarding and long-term-supporting your expat employees: The why and how of extra support!

- How to become a kick-ass team leader of international teams: Why your team members’ cultural background is your most valuable resource and how to tap into it rather than getting blocked on cultural differences.

- How to give and receive feedback in an international context.

- Successful intercultural cooperation (either as a generalist training or country-specific. My country specialisations are: Germany, UK, Belgium, France, China, Malaysia, India)

- How to avoid bias and overcome cultural stereotyping: neuroscientific background and conctrete action-taking for a 21st century intercultural workforce.

- Covid-challenges for expats and international professionals: what can employers do to help (and thus gain employee motivation and loyalty)?

I offer training courses of a few hours length up to two-day premium intercultural trainings. Don't hesitate to ask for more info!



- International move or not? Taking the best decision for you and your family.


-Assessing where you stand culturally (and why some things are feeling so frustrating to you in your new home country) and taking action to be the best version of yourself WHEREVER in the world you are


- Making your partner’s expat assignment your own dream-come-true: Defining and carrying out your career re-laucnh or re-direction

- Grieving after an international move! Why it is important to allow yourself to mourn what you have left behind, how to do this productively and most importantly: what do you want to build up once you've reached a clean slate by allowing yourself to let go?

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