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Consulting for organisations that work internationally


What do your international professionals need? Which challenges are employees facing when they become expats and relocate - potentially with their spouse or family? How can you and your local employees best support them? How can you achieve quick but deep and meaningful integration that enables your expat staff to fully thrive right from the start? How can you remain their trusted partner when they face expat-challenges that local staff can resolve on their own? Could you even use your position strategically to gain loyalty and long-term motivation and utlimately get the desired return on your investment? (Spoiler alert: yes you could!)

And what about local staff that works internationally? New international clients, new colleagues from abroad, a new branch that opened  up in another country? These situations create a high need to rethink work habits, upskill on international communication and adapt to completely new work tasks. I have acommpanied many companies in various sectors: I am happy to support you too!

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Current situation: A thourough assessment of the current challenges your organisation is facing when it comes to integrating international specialists, retaining international talent and keeping your staff motivated and collaborative.

Desired outcome: If you had a magic wand, what would it be like? How would your international staff think and speak about working with you? What would your numbers look like in terms of employee integration, diversity and inclusion, innovation and diverse perspectives, employee retainment and collaboration?

Hurdles to overcome: You tell me what your best guess is as to why the current situation and your desired situation are not aligned. I tell you from my professional perspective, which obstacles to your goals I see. Together, we achieve clarity on which obstacles we need to tackle and in which order we need to do this.

Opportunities to seize: As a trained neutral observer with a fresh perspective and a lot of experience in the field, I also shine some light onto the opportunities that often come hand in hand with the perceived challenges international organisations and employers are facing. It can be hard for employers to get everyone on the same page and to help everyone understand just how valuable it can be to open up and embrace change and international colleagues. I am happy to help and shine some light on your organisation's diversity-opportunities.


Who needs that extra support of yours? New arrivals? Expats that are already there but have difficulty integrating? Local employees who are untrained at welcoming and efficiently supporting new staff and working together?

Which tools and actions are already in place?

Which tools and actions can we add into the mix?

How do you measure your success? Which indicators will let you know that you made it? Which milestones will you track to see if the strategy needs further adjustment?

I am happy to lend a hand and help you create a rock-solid process that helps you answer these questions and puts the guess-work in the past. Most importantly: we will not only plan but also put these plans into action! If you feel like you could need some of this: Let's talk!

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