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Become the best international professional

 - in just 12 weeks!

Would you like…


  • …to identify what is limiting you in your career and learn how to overcome it? E.g. fear of public speaking, need to develop stronger leadership skills, timidity when approaching people in networking opportunities, being overwhelmed by your workload, lack of motivation and focus, procrastination…

  • …to grow (even more) on an intercultural level so that you can better engage with colleagues, your team and other international professionals? Maybe you’re already quite polyglot but lack the theoretical background and thought process that can help you push this further?

  • …to decide exactly what you want from your career, increase your interview- and networking skills and define a clear step-by-step strategy to reach your goal?


Boost your work performance with

12 sessions of 1-1,5hrs of individual coaching!

This 1-to-1 coaching programme is tailored to your individual needs. I strongly believe that there is no one-size fits all. The essence of my work is to find your own and tailor-made solutions.

If you are located in the vicinity of Cambridge or London, we can meet face to face. Globally, I coach my clients online.


3 written reports to keep you on track!

Online questionnaire before each session!


“Let’s revisit!” worksheets!


As much extra e-mail support as you need!

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