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Make the next move your perfect move!

Would you like…


  • …to be sure you have thought of everything and that your move will go smoothly and be the least chaotic and overwhelming possible?

  • …to find a good way to communicate with your loved ones about this move - bringing your family on board or being able to let those you leave behind understand?

  • …to decide exactly what you want from this move abroad and define a clear step-by-step strategy to reach your goal?


Prepare your next move strategically and perfectly with

4-8 sessions of 1-1,5hrs of individual coaching mixed with practical guidance to make sure that you have thought of everything!

This 1-to-1 coaching programme is tailored to your individual needs. It mixes individual coaching with practical guidance because planning a move abroad ideally requires work on your mindset and communication skills as well as a lot of practical steps that need to get done.

If you are located in the vicinity of Cambridge or London, we can meet face to face. Globally, I coach my clients online.


Your comprehensive practicalities checklist comprising all the practical steps you need to do!

Your mindset checklist!

Online questionnaire before each session!


“Let’s revisit!” worksheets!


All the extra e-mail support that you need!

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